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Masonry Repair

Masonry Repair

MK Calfeutrage Inc. repair mortar joints if they have disintegrated. We also carry out brick replacements, as well as other masonry-related services.

Masonry includes all jobs, including building of foundations and walls as well as the realization of coating work. Masonry is an essential step in the construction of a building.

Over the years, a work may suffer more or less significant damage. These can lead to the destruction or ruin of the building. As a result, repair becomes essential to preserve the structure of the building and ensure its longevity.

Masonry repair works are entrusted to professionals who have the necessary skills. These specialists also have the suitable equipment for such jobs. The repair may consist of a draft proofing, crack filling, or a reconstruction of the walls.



MK Calfeutrage Inc. also provides a weather protection service to all its customers. A proper sealing is essential today with all the changes in climate.

We cannot notice it, but our walls and floors suffer considerable damage due to water, frost and pollution.

To prevent such damage, MK Calfeutrage Inc. will seal your brick walls and floors, rendering them weatherproof.

All products and materials used by MK Calfeutrage Inc. are completely odorless and colorless. They will in no way change the aesthetic look of your building.